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Venturi Type Injectors 20-50mm


The Venturi ALFA injectors are extensively used for the application of liquid fertilisers and agricultural chemicals into a pressurised irrigation system.


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Venturi ALFA Injector

Dositec - Electromagnetic Diaphragm Pumps


We offer the latest design of electromagnetic diaphragm dosing pumps suitable for use in all types of industrial, municipal, water treatment and irrigation applications.

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Dositec Pump

Multifertic - Electric Fertilizer Injection Pumps


The Multifertic range of modular fertilizer injection pumps are designed for the independent and precise dosing of liquid fertilizers into a pressurised irrigation system.


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multifertic bg.png

Dostec AC - High Volume Dosing Pumps


DOSTEC AC is a diaphragm or piston dosing pump with advanced control for an accurate and efficient automatic dosing. The flow range covers from 10 to 1200 L/hr up to pressures of 15 Bar.

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dostec ac.PNG

Dostec High Volume Dosing Pumps

DOSTEC range of high volume injection pumps available in flows from
200 - 2000 L/hr and in both piston and diaphragm models.


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Dostec Range


Turbine agitators exclusively designed by ITC with 6 x spouts, three of them radial with a centrifugal movement to produce a rotation of liquid and three of them axial to stir the bottom.
Available in single & 3 Phase


Fertic Hydraulic Injectors And Agitators


Fertic & Ecofertic are hydraulically powered injectors that are operated on the line pressure of an irrigation system.

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Fertic Hydraulic Injector
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