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Air Release Valve 25 & 50 mm


Automatic acting, they will allow air in when emptying a pipe, release air when filling a pipe and when entrapped under pressure. PN16 rated for all plastic, PN25 rated for brass base valves


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Technical Data (4 MB)

Air release valve range

Wafer check valves


We have a comprehensive range of corrosion resistant wafer check valves available in 3 - 10" (DN80 - 250), with indicating stem and optional micro-switch.


Brochure (468.2 KB)

Check Valve
Plastic valve range

Plastic Hydraulic Valves 25-100mm


We offer the latest injection moulded 3 way hydraulic control valves design and manufactured by Cometal.


25-80mm Brochure (4.0 MB)

100mm Brochure (1.1MB)

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Plumbing Diagrams (3.0 MB)

Hydraulic Valves Cast Iron 25-250mm


The Cometal range of diaphragm actuated globe pattern hydraulic valves are manufactured to Quality Assurance certification to ISO 9001

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Control Pilot Details (1.0 MB)

Plumbing Diagrams (3.0 MB)

Valve cast iron resize with background.p

Angle Valves Cast Iron 50-150mm


Cometal Angle pattern diaphragm valves are able to be plumbed to suit all agricultural and commercial turf applications. 


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Control Pilot Details (1.0 MB)

Plumbing Diagrams (3.0 MB)

Cast iron angle valve
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