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At Helix Hydro we specialise in the design and supply of fully automatic water filters and systems. We also have a comprehensive range of manual & semi automatic water filters, hydraulic control valves, agricultural sprinklers, large Rain Gun sprinklers, injection pumps, water meters & subsurface waste water disposal systems.

Helix Hydro was established in 1981 and is a technically based company that specialises in the design and supply of fully automatic self cleaning water filtration systems using our FILTAWORX® range of filters, which are made in Australia.

These are used throughout the industrial, irrigation, municipal and mining sectors. Helix Hydro has the equipment, experience and engineering expertise which enables us to source and supply suitable filtration equipment to suit a wide range of applications and needs. Our main product is the FILTAWORX® range of automatic filters, which are supplied with stainless steel bodies as standard... read more

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